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We all have at sometime in our lives turned to someone to bounce ideas off of and ask for advice

A Mentor’s role is to be that objective and non-judgemental sounding board, a facilitator and awareness raiser.

A Mentor will challenge your thinking and the assumptions you make, will stimulate insight into your existing performance and support investigation into preparing you for your future.

Sheila was recently involved in training both Mentors and Mentees for a large organisation who were introducing their own in-house Mentoring Programme and appreciates the perspective of both sides of this relationship.

As your Life Mentor, Sheila will challenge the goals you have set, whether personally or professionally. She will share her own experiences, both good and bad, to enlighten you on some of the possible pitfalls of certain courses of action, but at no time will say what you “should do”.

She will bring objectivity to discussions, be your conscience and guide, while continuing to empower you, through this learning process, to be the best you can be.

In recognition for her commitment as a volunteer Business Mentor, Sheila Hamilton has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Business Mentoring Scotland.

She is also a Life Mentor with Life Mentoring.

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