Trainer Profile

Sheila Hamilton

MA DIA MCIPD Certified NLP Practitioner

Sheila Hamilton

I believe I have still much to offer being an experienced, enthusiastic and empathetic trainer, coach and mentor who is committed to uncovering the talent and potential of others and build self belief.”

I may be a “Baby Boomer” and recently celebrated my 70th birthday, but I am always looking for a new challenge to help keep me active and engaged with all generations. And what greater challenge than to develop a series of Self Discovery Activity-Based Workbooks and launch them through my own publishing company!

Why? Because I want to leave a legacy of all that I have learned and experienced over my lifetime both before and after setting up my own Training Consultancy, T.I.P.S. in 1998, when I chose, as my Logo, a feather quill representing “the communication of truth and knowledge.” I specialise in supporting others in their development of the behavioural aspects of performance such communicating with, managing teams, leading and motivating others.

The Workbooks have drawn on my extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of interactive performance management programmes, a background in teaching Mathematics, both in the UK and Australia, lecturing in the Behavioural Sciences, Personnel Management and Statistics and being a volunteer coach and mentor.

I believe that, to engage and empower people, I need to continue to be enthusiastic, creative and adaptable, making any training, coaching or mentoring session relevant, informative and fun. This means I need to continually grow and broaden my own experiences, with new technology ensuring I can reach a wider audience on-line, while still having a good balance between work commitments, time for family, visiting friends around the world, golfing and travelling to new destinations.

So, please let me help you achieve your potential